Your own crush is actually a nursing assistant. We say stop nursing that crush — pardon the pun — and have him/her around!

Listed below are 15 reasons why you should date a nursing assistant:

1. Nurses tend to be compassionate and patient, and generally are often great audience.

2. Nurses tend to be super-smart. If you are into both minds and beauty, the day can deliver.

3. Fed up with nursing that hangover? Try to let a genuine nurse work his or her feel-better magic.

4. Nurses have experienced figures of all of the shapes and sizes — and observed every variety of actual function imaginable. Your insecurities and the entire body quirks will likely leave the day unfazed.

5. No wishing in-line. You will get a simple medical diagnosis each time you feel in climate.

6. The consistent. It is not just beautiful on Halloween. (Translation: those scrubs just seem therefore sexy and comfortable.)

7. Impressive nervousness. Nurses stay calm and accumulated in pretty demanding circumstances. You intend to be internet dating a nurse in times of disaster and chaos.

8. Nurses work long hours. When you want just a little alone time, a nursing assistant’s crazy timetable might fit you simply fine. (In addition, with strange hrs come peculiar time occasions.  Monday afternoon might become the new saturday evening.)

9. Nurses make fantastic future moms and dads. No force or something.

10. You’ll be secure. Date a nursing assistant and you’ve got access immediately to CPR, protection guidance and disease-prevention recommendations.

11. Awesome “How ended up being every day?” stories. Nurses have actually countless myths of diligent and/or medical practitioner drama.

12. You’ll beginning to see the healthcare jargon on the favorite medical dramas.

13. Nurses will love your thoughtful gestures. They give to other people all round the day might frequently feel unappreciated.

14. Nurses realize selflessness, one of many important elements to a healthy commitment.

15. Your day saves physical lives. That’s brag-worthy.

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